Our experts provide training to people interested in using SAP SuccessFactors. Thanks to the EU, the courses are free of charge

In cooperation with the company B-W-T plus we’ve recently launched a series of training courses focused on developing key competencies and deepening knowledge of the use of SAP SuccessFactors.

This project is being implemented thanks to support from the European Social Fund under the Operational Programme Human Resources, and our goal is to train a total of 200 participants, you can find more information on the pages B-W-T plus.

From HR and recruitment to advanced analytics

SAP SuccessFactors is a complex cloud HR system consisting of 10 modules. For each of them, we have prepared a separate 2-day training course. Successful graduates will be awarded a certificate indicating that they are ready to solve both simple and more complex tasks in the field of human resource management using this software.

You can find more information about the training topics for each course here.

The applications are open to students, employees, and the unemployed

The main objective of these activities is to improve the participants’ competencies in order to enhance their employability in less developed regions or to keep their current job position secure even in cases where the company needs a modern and qualified workforce.

The courses are therefore open to a wide range of applicants, under the condition that they are not from the Bratislava region:

  1. employees – whose employer’s headquarters or place of work is outside the Bratislava region
  2. the unemployed – only those with permanent residence outside the Bratislava region (also voluntarily unemployed)
  3. persons participating in LFL – only those with permanent residence outside the Bratislava region
  4. young people under 25 – only those with permanent residence outside the Bratislava region
  5. students/over 25 years old – if their educational institution is located outside the Bratislava region
  6. self-employed person – if the registered office listed in the trade certificate is located outside the BA region

COVID-19 changes plans

We managed to run the first training course in our Žilina office on September 22nd and 23rd. Since then, the situation related to the coronavirus pandemic has worsened, so we have postponed our upcoming courses. It’s difficult to predict further development but you can find the preliminary training schedule here.

If you have any questions or want to enroll yourself or your employees in one of our courses, contact our partner at [email protected].

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