I took on the consultant job as a fresh graduate. How was the probation period?

It’s been a little over three months since I joined GLOBESY as a junior consultant. Has it always been my dream job? I’d be lying if I said it has. Not because there’s anything I don’t like about it or that bothers me. That’s not the problem. But I can hardly talk about a dream job when I’d learned about its existence only a few days before applying for it.

Landing a job without previous experience

Let me start with a little detour. I started looking for a job right after graduation. I was intrigued by IT and looked at various job offers but the positions required at least a year of previous experience and ideally also a degree in a related field.

I didn’t have either. I did several internships during my studies and gained a diploma from a faculty that prepared me for a career in security, i.e. protection of persons and property.

A happy coincidence

I basically learned about the support consultant job by chance. An acquaintance mentioned that his company had a vacancy for a position that combined managing helpdesks and other customer requests with the role of a tester.

He said I could give it a try. The job didn’t require previous experience nor an IT degree. On the other hand, I’d be supposed to make up for those by my desire to learn, good insight into technology, and adequate communication skills. I told myself – why not?

I submitted my CV and, in a couple of days, I met two Katkas in an online interview. One was an HR specialist and the other was my future teammate.

Learn, prepare, present

It was made clear in the interview that the job would require a lot of self-study. And so it did. During my first days, I took a tour of the office, met my colleagues, and started learning.

I had to do a lot of reading and review various manuals but it wasn’t all just theory. I was asked to get familiar with an app developed by GLOBESY and prepare test scenarios.

After about two months, I presented this initial assignment to the team. I expected a somewhat stifling exam-like atmosphere, but, in the end, everything went smoothly. My more experienced colleagues gave me a few tips on how to do things differently and what to focus on in the future.

What’s next?

Besides working on the initial assignment, I had a chance to get a taste of different roles within the company. As a support consultant, under my teammates’ supervision, I started taking part in service desks, solving simple incidents, and I’ve been gradually learning how to give user trainings.

Hence, I already have a better idea of what I like and which direction I’d like to take in my career. I enjoy testing but at some point, it becomes more about coding, where I don’t exactly see myself.

The role of a consultant, on the other hand, is very diverse and it brings about many situations that I would never have thought of. And that’s what I enjoy. Communicating with people, learning new things, solving unexpected problems.

That’s the purely consulting direction that I would like to take in the future.

What surprised me

I won’t lie to you – at first, I had a lot on my plate. Nevertheless, I’ve met great people here and I like the team setup, where we are all colleagues and help each other out. And I don’t think it something that should be taken for granted.

There’s still a lot to learn but that doesn’t bother me at all. On the contrary, I quite enjoy it because everything I learn helps me move forward. What really strikes me sometimes is how far one can go in just a short time.

Even more so if you consider that a couple of months ago, I had no idea such a job even existed.

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