Our consultant for the HR news: Digitalization of tax document processing is the logical next step

The legislation concerning tax document processing has opened up new possibilities for employers and IT is helping to leverage them. Changes in the legislation have facilitated the circulation of documents between employers and employees in digital form in Slovak and Czech companies, which has significantly unburdened administration and brought several other advantages.

You can read more about this topic in an interview swith Eva Kačeríková, our HR consultant working on a project of digitalization of document circulation in an SAP system for the Czech innogy group.

In the article you will learn:

  • More about digital signature
  • Which documents have been affected by the legislative changes
  • Which areas are simpler for the employers to deal with today
  • Whether digitization of documents presents a security risk
  • What was special about the innogy project
  • How does Covid-19 influence digitalization in HR

Link to the article: HRnews

You can find more information about this solution here.

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