We’ve been digitalizing HR document processing in Czech innogy. Today, they need 50,000 sheets of paper less than before

In many companies, the method of processing of HR documents, including those related to taxes, has been carved in stone for years. Print – sign – archive.

The idea of digitalization seemed too far-fetched. Too complicated, too risky. It seemed like the area was too strictly regulated by legislation.

However, there were still some companies that didn’t get discouraged from innovation by any of these hindrances. Among them was the innogy group in the Czech Republic. Together with innogy, we collaborated on the development and implementation of an SAP solution, which has allowed them to process the circulation of selected HR-related documents without the use of paper, and also in a much faster and more secure way.

You can read more about this project in this HRnews article or come and listen to it on September 9. We’re organizing a webinar, where we’re going to take a closer look at this story from both the supplier’s and the customer’s perspectives.

How is the situation in Slovakia

The digitalization of the processing of corporate documents is just as interesting a topic in Slovakia as in the Czech Republic, but the circumstances and legal environment are slightly different in some respects.

Nonetheless, we also have a suitable document circulation solution ready for Slovak companies. If you are curious to learn more about this solution, contact us and we’ll gladly discuss it with you.

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