New GLOBESY logo: New face, same values

The year 2022 is for us a symbolic milestone. 20 years exactly have passed since our small team of specialists started to work on the first project under the brand name GLOBESY. So much has changed since then. The digital world of enterprise software is an extremely dynamic place. At the same time, many things have stayed the same. Emphasis on a human approach and building long-term relationships are still the key pillars of our identity.
This applies not only to us. Not only are our solutions, procedures or used technologies being developed, but our customers are also developing together with their need for a strong partner who can help them to overcome today’s challenges. We highlight this path with a new logo reflecting the ongoing revolution of GLOBESY.

The story of synergy

Synergy has never been just an empty slogan for us. From the very beginning, it has been one of the building blocks of our brand. Synergy is represented by the “-SY” in the GLOBESY name. It is also the main idea in the circular symbol of the logo, which shows the conjunction of two spheres, two worlds into one harmonious whole. It refers to our approach based on connecting to create added value. Connecting proven procedures with modern trends. Connecting us and our customers.

Solid foundations

Refreshing the brand’s visuals, we are opening the door into the new period. It does not reflect radical changes, but rather a natural development respecting our foundations and values. This is proved by the three horizontal lines in our new logotype. We carried them over from our original logo, and together with the circular symbol of synergy, they refer to three other pillars of our identity.

The story continues. Today we are entering a new chapter. With a new image that connects the history of GLOBESY with the future of online digital HR.

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