Nice to meet you

For more than 20 years, we have been together discovering the best of combining people and software technologies.

Foundation of GLOBESY
A small team of employees and a cosy atmosphere. Under the brand name GLOBESY, we are working on our first project for customer TransGas.
Opening the office in Bratislava
New projects and new customers are coming. We are also settling in Bratislava to be closer to them.
We become an SAP partner

We are growing constantly, until we have grown into the role of an SAP partner. This provides us with a new level of access to the knowledge and education of our specialists.

We adapt to portal solutions

We push the limits of knowledge and implement a large-scale HR portal solution for Orange. It was the first SAP HR portal implemented by a Slovak company in our market.

Cloud is coming
We monitor the current trends and focus on Cloud solutions. We are the first company in Slovakia to include SAP SuccessFactors solutions in the portfolio.
Passing the milestone of 100

More projects bring more work. The number of employees exceeds one hundred.

Following the pioneering solutions
Together with the group innogy we develop an app to digitise electronic document circulation. The solution is a follow-up of the HREA award winning project – The Electronic signature of an innogy employee in the Czech Republic.
Starting with research
We build specialised teams. In cooperation with universities and partner companies, we focus on experimental research in the field of artificial intelligence.
Accompanying customers on their journey to the Cloud
We help the GasNet group with a large-scale migration of HR processes to the Cloud. We are starting the implementation of all modules of the SAP SuccessFactors solution.

From a small city Žilina to the big IT world

The whole story started in 2002. A small team of technology enthusiasts established the foundations of an IT company in a small office in Žilina. Today, on these foundations stands the implementation and consulting company, which focuses primarily on HCM. It helps the largest companies in the Slovak and Czech markets with digitalisation and innovation of HR.

IT driven by humanity

The fuel that has been driving us from the beginning consists of four basic elements written in our DNA.


We care not only about the result of  our work, but  also about the way we achieve it. Our humanity comes first.  In  communication, in  attitude towards work and  to  each other. 


We believe that together we can achieve more than working just by ourselves. If everyone is a team player, then it is true that two heads are better than one.

Trusted Advisor

Innovation, actively searching for solutions and a  fair approach. We do our best, so  that you can always turn to  us  with confidence.


There are no  shortcuts leading to experience or  know-how. Fortunately, after twenty years in the  market, we do not have to  look for any.

Company certification

GLOBESY holds: