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Functionalities of this solution reflect the world’s trends, experience, and know-how of millions of users.

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The cloud-based foundations of the software allow easy access from different locations and devices.

Connect all your key HR and payroll management processes on a single cloud-based HR platform. Core HR solutions provide a secure option for centralising, storing, and working with personnel data and offer modern tools to relieve HR departments or automate repetitive tasks.

Centralise your HR data in a single, cloud-based software solution that standardises and automates your HR processes while providing insights to help you make more informed decisions. The software includes built-in employee self-service tools (ESS) for easy and intuitive access to personal data and HR processes, as well as organizational management tools that enable you to visualise your workforce and gain new insights through analytic functions. By leveraging these functionalities, you can build strong foundations for digitalisation, integration, and automation of additional HR processes.

Talent management solutions help discover and develop talents in your organisation. Integrated systems benefit from the interconnectedness of subsequent processes that begin with recruiting and continue through employee learning and development to systematic succession planning.

A comprehensive system for education management, which will allow you to manage all its stages from one place – from planning and course administration, through running them online, to evaluation and reporting.

The Recruiting Module combines a mix of key functionalities necessary for efficient recruitment, starting with recruitment marketing and ending with a new employee. It will help you with publishing offers on job portals, contacting candidates, and also with the administration and evaluation of candidates.

Onboarding will help you make the onboarding process more efficient and help you with the transition to the new ‘paperless’ era. It will shorten the adaptation process, relieve you of paperwork, and help you set initial goals that will boost productivity.

Succession & Development will allow you to build a system for filling key positions from among your employees. It will help you create a succession planning organisational structure and a talent database, which you can then systematically develop with a career plan or by designing educational activities.

A smart module connecting employee evaluation with corporate and personal goals, aiming at increasing productivity and engagement. It will allow you to manage and cascade goals as well as set up a continuous 360-degree evaluation.

A user-friendly system offering a wide range of tools that help managers design a fair employee compensation plan. The Compensation Module offers remuneration planning, remuneration budget management, and monitoring financial goals and forecasts.

HR analytics software will give you new insight into your workflow and workforce. As a result, you will get accurate and relevant data that you can rely on when dealing with important HR decisions.

Analytical Solution will provide you with standardised HR metrics, interactive analyses, and reports, thanks to which you can gain a comprehensive insight into various HR areas. Furthermore, you can create a culture in which questions are answered with clear data.

Relieve yourself from endless paper administration. Our sophisticated extensions are built on SAP BTP technologies. These extensions will allow you to digitise the employment relationship with employees and so create an Electronic Personal File. By digitising your records, you'll save hours of time spent signing and eliminate the costs and risks associated with distributing physical documents.

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence not just for adopting new solutions, but also for ongoing user support. Our digital assistant will continuously monitor user behaviour in your system, acquiring and analysing user data. With the help of machine learning, it can then provide employees with relevant hints and teach them the correct procedures even for complex software processes.

Do you have a specific workflow that is not covered in the standard solution? Contact us and together we will find the optimal path for you.

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Analýzy a audity
Na vaše požiadavky a súčasné systémy sa pozrú analytici so špecializáciou na HR procesy a integrácie a migrácie naprieč HCM softvérmi. Spoločne prídeme na to, ako vyzerá riešenie, ktoré je pre vás ideálne.
Implementácie a integrácie
Hotové riešenie vám dodáme presne nakonfigurované pre vaše potreby a napojené na ostatné podnikové systémy, ktoré využívate.
Prídeme vás previesť krok po kroku novým riešením a zaškolíme používateľov, aby adoptovanie nového systému prebehlo hladko a bez problémov.
Ani po školeniach neostanete na všetko sami. Naďalej vám budeme k dispozícií pri akýchkoľvek problémoch alebo zmenových požiadavkách.

Pri špecifických procesoch vám môžeme nadstaviť štandardný systém rozšírením, ktoré vám vyviniemie na mieru.


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GLOBESY is a trusted SAP partner, under whose roof you will find teams of certified specialists with strong expertise in HCM and a desire to push the boundaries of digital HR. We continuously monitor the trends and news in the technological field, so that we can offer the most interesting ones to our clients. That is why we were the first in Slovakia to include an SAP SuccessFactors solution in our implementation portfolio.

20 years in the market

16 years as an SAP partner

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