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Let us guide you to the cloud

We have two decades of experience and dozens of successful projects in the SAP on-premise field. In the cloud world, we were the first in Slovakia to include the SAP SuccessFactors solution in our portfolio. We have implemented solutions that are today helping more than 55,000 users. Today we can guide you on the path that combines these two technologies.

Rely on the world’s best practices and build your system on SaaS principles – Software as a service

Transition to the cloud
and hybrid architecture

Build your HR infrastructure under your own roof and with endless possibilities

Connect all your key HR and payroll management processes on a single cloud-based HR platform. Core HR solutions provide a secure option for centralising, storing, and working with personnel data and offer modern tools to relieve HR departments or automate repetitive tasks.

SAP SuccessFactors

Employee self-services (ESS)

Employee self-service (ESS) tool allows employees a quick and intuitive access to their personal data and employees’ processes. On the other hand, cloud-based SuccessFactors provides secure access on multiple devices.

Organizational Management

Make use of tools that help you to visualise your organisation. The built-in analytic functions will provide you with a new insight into your workforce and you can build your foundations for digitalising HR processes.

Time Tracking

Provide your employees with a self-service tool for transparent and simple attendance tracking. This tool will help you to ensure that your employees are paid according to working hours and in compliance with legal requirements.


Personnel Management

SAP HR Master Data allows you to collect all relevant HR data in a centralised location and provide it to other modules of your system. It enables you to combine your key data, which can then be created and managed centrally.


With SAP Employee Self Services (ESS) and Manager Self Services (MSS), you can allow your employees to perform HR-related tasks themselves. The spectrum of possibilities expands with each SAP component that is integrated with the solution.

Attendance Management

Use SAP Time Management to cover all you needs related to tracking and analysing working time. It helps you to create and track special types of absences or work schedules in compliance with legal requirements. According to your needs, make the acquired data accessible to other modules, for example, payroll processing.

Compensation and Electronic Payroll

Rely on a proven payroll system, which will comprehensively cover your payroll process in compliance with legal requirements and with a high level of automation. The continuity and efficiency of the entire process can be increased by connecting to other SAP HR modules or to our Electronic Payroll solution.

Talent management solutions help discover and develop talents in your organisation. Integrated systems benefit from the interconnectedness of subsequent processes that begin with recruiting and continue through employee learning and development to systematic succession planning.


A comprehensive system for education management, which will allow you to manage all its stages from one place – from planning and course administration, through running them online, to evaluation and reporting.


The Recruiting Module combines a mix of key functionalities necessary for efficient recruitment, starting with recruitment marketing and ending with a new employee. It will help you with publishing offers on job portals, contacting candidates, and also with the administration and evaluation of candidates.


Onboarding will help you make the onboarding process more efficient and help you with the transition to the new ‘paperless’ era. It will shorten the adaptation process, relieve you of paperwork, and help you set initial goals that will boost productivity.

Succession & Development

Succession & Development will allow you to build a system for filling key positions from among your employees. It will help you create a succession planning organisational structure and a talent database, which you can then systematically develop with a career plan or by designing educational activities.

Performance & Goals

A smart module connecting employee evaluation with corporate and personal goals, aiming at increasing productivity and engagement. It will allow you to manage and cascade goals as well as set up a continuous 360-degree evaluation.


A user-friendly system offering a wide range of tools that help managers design a fair employee compensation plan. The Compensation Module offers remuneration planning, remuneration budget management, and monitoring financial goals and forecasts.

Digital Software Guide

Let the digital assistant continuously monitor the behaviour of users working with corporate software. It acquires and analyses user data and, using machine learning, can provide employees with relevant help and teach them the right procedures even in complex software processes.


Use a range of various recruiting tools for finding the eligible candidates and selecting the best of them to fill the vacant positions. SAP E-Recruiting will help you to process the received CVs, contact applicants, or create lists of candidates.


SAP Learning offers an online education system that allows you to create and manage your learning courses. Employees will get a transparent overview of the courses that are relevant to them, and at the same time, an easy way to enroll in them.

Performance Management

SAP Performance Management provides a transparent way for setting and cascading corporate and employee goals. Modul helps managers continuously evaluate the meeting of targets and consequently setting new ones.

Benefit Management System

This web application is a flexible tool for publishing and enrolling in company benefits as well as for payroll settlement. Other interesting options are provided by the mobile version, which offers, for example, integration with GPS navigation, an overview of available benefits in the area or a benefit rating.

HR analytics software will give you new insight into your workflow and workforce. As a result, you will get accurate and relevant data that you can rely on when dealing with important HR decisions.

Workforce Analytics

Analytical Solution will provide you with standardised HR metrics, interactive analyses, and reports, thanks to which you can gain a comprehensive insight into various HR areas. Furthermore, you can create a culture in which questions are answered with clear data.

Paperless solutions help you to replace paper-based processes with faster and safer digital alternatives in your internal procedures. Employees can save time and get better access to information.

Electronic Document Distribution

This app helps you with safe and bulk creation, distribution, and storage of various internal documents. For example, the annual tax settlement. In a simple way, you relieve the HR or payroll department while minimising costs and errors related to the paper agenda at the same time.

Do you need a custom solution?

Are the options of packaged solutions not sufficient for you? Let us know. After analysis, we will suggest a  solution that will suit your needs.