It is time for digital transformation in HR

The world has changed

Today, the greatest responsibility for accompanying this change lies on the shoulders of HR.

Only a fifth of employees had the option of home office before the pandemic. Today, the number is approaching to 70 percent

according to research on the Hybrid working model as a new standard conducted by Focus Agency for Microsoft. The study analysed a sample of 1 071 clerical employees at the turn of 2021/2022.

Are you ready for a new era?

3,8 days/week

Focus conducted the research during the time of strict anti-pandemic measures. While the majority (57%) of employees expressed a preference for working from the office, the amount of time they want to spend in the office is decreasing – on average 3.8 days per week. The hybrid work model brings not only new opportunities and advantages, but also new challenges and requirements for the system infrastructure.

In the last two-three years, life has brought us striking changes. Their adaptation to our daily lives is a project for each of us. Whether we talk about home office, recruitment, team task management, the creation of new leaders, effective education and motivation or the meaning of the existence of both the individual and the company. These are the topics that the best professionals must and will deal with now.

Have a look at the interview with the founders of GLOBESY to find out more about the specifics of the current era, the development and direction of digital HR

The wave of digital transformation


of Slovak CEOs
intend to increase investments
in digital transformation

The crises of the last years could not be expected or prepared for and there are more yet to come that we cannot predict today. Therefore, business places more and more emphasis on increasing agility, flexibility, and the ability to respond quickly to changes. The answer is a massive wave of digital transformation, and its scope is indicated by a PwC survey from last autumn.

The results reveal that 78% of Slovak CEOs intend to increase investments in digital transformation in the next three years. The significant increase (≥ 10%) is mentioned by 37% of them.

The recent trend brings a rapid and deep integration of digitalisation into the working life of employees

Most of the companies in Slovakia have been going through a longtime and continuous renewal of their systems. However, for various reasons, they have not undergone a fundamental transformation of HR systems that could fully satisfy the new needs.

The solutions for online digital HR are available and proven today

SAP SuccessFactors®

HCM cloud-based solution which comprehensively covers processes from Core HR, through talent management to data analytics and planning. The successor to classic SAP HR is today the centre of modern HR infrastructure.

Extensions of the standard system

The essential functionalities of SAP SuccessFactors were developed and are being continuously updated based on the best practices of tens of millions of users. We can cover other specific processes through our extensions or develop and integrate new ones.

Additional apps

On the way to digital HR, you can use the advantage of a spectrum of smaller solutions with significant impact on a given area. An example is an app for digitisation of mass circulation of documents or digital payroll.

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