Our main activities

In our experience over the years we have found that SAP technologies are extremely stable, functional and efficient. We therefore provide our customers with SAP solutions – usually with business solutions, but we also supply mobile and portal solutions as well. If a client has a special request, we are of course able to use and provide other technologies as well.

  • Implementing standard and specialized solutions for human resources and human capital management (SAP HR/ HCM) SAP HCM
  • Implementing and providing support solutions for finance management and support for managerial decision-making (SAP FIN, SAP BI)
  • Implementing portal and mobile solutions (SAP NetWeaver, Sybase, SAP UI5)
  • Cloud solutions for human capital management (SuccessFactors)
  • Developing custom-made solutions (JAVA, ABAP, WebDynpro etc.
  • Application and business consultancy
  • Support and Outsourcing


GLOBESY offers you a stable, flexible team of specialists with experience of implementing and running information systems from the many projects it has carried out in Slovakia and other European countries. Our aim is to provide clients with maximum added value at an appropriate price.

GLOBESY consultants make use of their wealth of experience in SAP applications to provide clients with services like:



Although SAP products are highly adaptable, they often have to be supplemented in line with your specific business requirements. We can analyse these requirements and meet them using standard development tools. Our development service includes:

  • Extending the standard functionality of SAP products and adapting it to your requirements.
  • We try to make maximum use of your existing solutions.
  • Developing new customer applications for within SAP and closely integrating them with standard functionality.
  • Where possible, we create open adjustable solutions that can easily be incorporated for your potential future requirements.
  • Developing all kinds of interfaces to be integrated with a variety of software using current data transfer technologies (RFC, BAPI, ALE, XML etc.)

Project management

These days the acceleration in scientific and technological development means all companies have to improve their products and the quality of service. Successful companies therefore invest substantial resources into projects that monitor and keep abreast of the world’s trends and train and develop capable human capital.

GLOBESY recognises the importance of each project in the implementation, development and support of information systems. That is why, when managing our projects, we rely on proven methods and approaches – GLOBESY makes good use of the considerable experience our qualified employees have gained in managing local as well as international projects.

Our basic areas of project management are:

  • Project planning
  • Risk management
  • Project organisation
  • Estimating time and resources
  • Project budget
  • Project schedule
  • Project management
  • Quality management
  • Change management
  • Project documentation

GBS Helpdesk

An alternative means of logging and solving problems is the GLOBESY Helpdesk (GBS Helpdesk). The mission of GBS Helpdesk is to log all the problems and requirement clients have and to ensure that they are resolved immediately.

The GBS Helpdesk system gathers together all that is required to solve the client’s problem. The client can then use the system to monitor the status and receive prompt information on when the problem is resolved. This is a comprehensive service including full support in operating the resources that ensure the SAP R/3 information system runs smoothly in the background of the processes of the entire company.

GLOBESY Helpdesk services can be accessed via the internet, a fixed data connection or over the phone.