Student Training Program

Are you a student looking for a job that prepares you for the IT world? Let our Training Programme and experienced mentors help you to kick-start your career.


About our training programme

Tired of theory? Join us and find out how it works in practice. During the special training programme, you will work on internal assignments and real projects for our customers, and you can try first-hand how it works in the IT world.

The programme is prepared for the developer and consultant position and takes place in Žilina. Based on our mutual satisfaction we would welcome you on board.

Are you interested in our company?

As an IT company, we realise that people are the biggest ace up our sleeve, so we do our best to make them feel as good as possible. This is perhaps proved by the fact that we started with a few enthusiasts, while most of them can still be found under our same roof, now as team leaders or senior experts in their area. Will you join us?