This is the 16th year that prestigious prizes will be awarded to the IT Person, IT Company, IT Product and IT Project of the year. The professional and managerial efforts of IT and telecommunication companies are assessed and rewards are given to the most important projects implemented during the year. The expert panel is nominated by companies working in the IT and telecommunications industries.

This year the panel decided to divide the awards into two separate categories.

The first category, IT Company of the year, is assessed using quality criteria, such as the launch of unique products and services, the development of a new market segment, export activities with high added value, investments into research and development, and public service projects.

The second category, the Most Profitable IT Company of the year, is assessed using quantative criteria. The rankings are compiled by Across Private Investment, FinStat and Digital Visions (PC REVUE).

The prizes will be awarded on 12 October 2016 at a ceremonial IT GALA evening. The IT SUMMIT and IT GALA annual events for the Slovak IT and telecommunication community are organised by Digital Visions, the publishers of PC REVUE magazine and portal.

More information on the ceremonial prize-giving can be found at 

Under “PARTNERS” you will also find our company GLOBESY listed as a bronze partner supporting the event.